Milan Gnjatović


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Milan Gnjatović

Milan Gnjatović is Professor of Information Technology at the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies in Belgrade, Serbia. To learn more, see a short biography or a more detailed CV.


The research interests of Prof. Gnjatović range across the field of natural language processing, with a special focus on human–machine interaction.

A brief insight: Conversational robot MARKO was developed within the project "Design of Robots as Assistive Technology for the Treatment of Children with Developmental Disorders". Prof. Gnjatović was leader of the subproject "Multimodal Human-Machine Interaction".

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Изабране теме из безбедности и сигурности информационих система
(Selected Topics in Safety and Security of Information Systems)

by Milan Gnjatović and Darko Stefanović,
textbook, in Serbian.

Увод у проналажење информација на вебу
(Introduction to Web Information Retrieval)

by Milan Gnjatović,
textbook, in Serbian, freely available.

Adaptive Dialogue Management in Human-Machine Interaction

by Milan Gnjatović,
doctoral dissertation, in English, freely available.